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We at Stix Billiard Accessories provide World class Pool Tables & PROFESSIONAL SNOOKER TABLES at attractive rates. We have wide range of Snooker and Pool Accessories

Billiard Room Consultation

Breathing Space is a vital factor for superior game play. We provide expert consultation for Billiard room dimension and design.

Snooker/Pool Table Installation

We provide installation services for Snooker & Pool Table clubs.

Affordable rates for Snooker & Pool Tables

We provide wide range of Snooker and Pool Tables in India at affordable rates with high quality.

Genuine Quality Billiard Accessories

We deal with wide range of Snooker and Pool Accessories. All the accessories are of Genuine quality and original.

Snooker/Pool Table Service & Maintenance

We provide annual maintenance for Snooker & Pool Tables.

Free Accessories with Snooker & Pool Tables

All the standard accessories are provided free of cost with the Snooker / Pool Table.

Stix Billiard Accessories

Our Products

We deal with all range of Snooker & Pool Tables. We also provide Quality Snooker & Pool Accessories.

Tournament Snooker Tables

Strachan 6811 Cloth
Steel Block Cushion
Imported Slates

Pro-Tournament Snooker Tables

Premium Cushion Wood
Strachan 6811 Cloth
Steel Block Cushion
Imported Slates

Quality Snooker Tables

Wiraka Cloth
Wooden Cushion
Indian Slates

American Pool Tables

All kinds of imported American Pool Tables are available

Star Snooker Tables

Strachan 6811 Cloth
Steel Block Cushion
Imported Slates

Strachan 6811 30/32 Oz Original Cloth

All Strachan and Wiraka Original Cloths are available

Aramith 1G Belgium Balls

Original 1G Belgium Balls

Aramith TC Balls

Most popular for All kinds of Snooker Tables

Genuine Omin Cues

All Genuine Omin Cues are available

Handmade Billiard & Pool Cues

Range of quality handmade cues are available

Quality Cue Cases

We have range of cue cases with us

Billiard Chalks

All kinds of Billiard Chalks & Tips are available
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